• Nurse and her GP husband lodge complaint over ‘lies’ told by Capita PIP assessor


    A benefits assessor working for the outsourcing company Capita repeatedly “lied” in her report, after carrying out a face-to-face assessment of a disabled nurse which was observed by her husband, a retired GP.

    The disabled woman and her husband have asked not to be named – so their claims have not been put to Capita or the Department for Work and Pensions – but they have provided proof to Disability News Service (DNS) that they are both on their respective professional registers.

    They believe the behaviour of the Capita assessor, herself a registered nurse, makes her unfit to remain in her profession.

    Although DNS has received a string of credible reports from disabled people who say their benefits assessors lied in reports written after face-to-face medical assessments, this account is particularly credible because the behaviour was witnessed by both a nurse and a doctor.

    The woman, Mrs A, lodged a complaint with Capita even before she knew the result of the test because she and her husband were so appalled that last month’s assessment at their home in south Wales was so rushed, impersonal and poorly carried out, and ignored key questions.

    Mrs A, who has significant support needs due to a series of medical conditions, had already had to fight to have her disability living allowance (DLA) restored after it was stopped by DWP when her personal independence payment (PIP) claim form was lost in the post, while “rude and confrontational” staff then refused to provide her with a replacement form.

    The couple say the assessor made almost no eye contact during the PIP assessment, but spent most of the time typing on her laptop, while she continually interrupted Mrs A as she tried to explain the impact of her impairments on her daily life.

    Mrs A said that when she and her husband saw the report the assessor had written, their “worst fears were confirmed”.

    As a result of the report, Mrs A’s previous entitlement to the higher rates of both the mobility and care components of DLA were downgraded under PIP to the standard daily living rate and no entitlement at all to the mobility element.

    She has now put in a second written complaint, this time about the content of the report and what they say are the assessor’s lies.

    Both Mrs A and Dr A say they have a duty as healthcare professionals to expose the assessor’s actions.

    Among their many concerns is that the report stated that there was no evidence that Mrs A was wearing hearing aids, when the briefest of checks would have shown they were in place behind her ears.

    The report failed to mention her painfully swollen leg, and said that Mrs A refused to stand, when in fact the assessor had recognised she was in too much pain to stand and so did not ask her to do so.

    Among many other concerns, the report failed to point out that Mrs A was clearly “distressed, in pain and anxious”, and failed to note the forgetfulness and slowness of thought she showed during the assessment.

    Dr A said the report was “an absolute fabrication”.

    He said: “The actual examination was laughable. It took a few moments.

    “My wife couldn’t even stand up… yet somehow she was able to infer that she could walk more than 50 metres but less than 200.

    “How do you infer that from someone who wasn’t even able to get up out of the chair?

    “She said she couldn’t see the hearing aids. She didn’t even look to see if the hearing aids were in place. How difficult is it to move a couple of hairs?”

    He added: “It was appalling. Every single sentence in that report can be torn apart.”

    Mrs A, who is not able to do clinical nursing work because of her impairment, said she believed the assessor “had an agenda”.

    She said: “I feel hurt that a nurse, who is also a colleague in a way, would behave in this manner.

    “Nurses are supposed to act with integrity in all that we do. We know how important recording of information – truthfully – is.”

    She added: “We feel the nurse is acting dishonestly.

    “I cannot understand how if you are a nurse you wouldn’t act impartially. I don’t understand how you can be both a nurse and a PIP assessor.

    “The public rely on the integrity, honesty and openness of nurses. As a nurse myself, this kind of behaviour has to stop.”

    News provided by John Pring at www.disabilitynewsservice.com

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    • Paul Horsfield

      You couldn’t write this stuff if you tried, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened, but for it to happen with 2 very experienced medical professionals is classic. I hope that this “assessor” is struck off of the nursing register as she obviously doesn’t have the necessary morals to be in the job and is a disgrace to the wonderful people we have looking after us.

      • BOMBA777

        They could write it, they have…you’ve responded to it.

        • ANIONEJM

          shut up! real people real illnesses and until you have to go through it dont respond sarcastically to others… i literally went through this on the 4th so as of today it is still happening! you cant even reclaim esa for people with illnesses it adds to more stress…idiots who have never had to go through this thinks its a breeze…its like doing an office job the amount of paperwork you have to do whilst ill! they should all be fired and made to join the jsa line all these socalled “nurses” every assessment ive been to i have been treated poorly. They made me wait over an hr then once i got in there rushing me and when i nearly passed out all i needed was 30 seconds of quiet because i get dizzy spells…if i calm down etc it usually passes.. all she was doing was shouting at me for needing to lie down! they are disgusting!

    • Carol

      Why doesn’t it surprise me! My friend in The Midlands son was born with brain damage and learning difficulties. Guess what? They have stopped all his money. She is devastated. Yes they are appealing. Apparent lies in the assessors report too.

      Another friend whose Mom has Alzheimer disease who has had her money stopped too. They say she doesn’t need any help. Like you couldn’t make this stuff up

    • Sarah Gill

      Spooky. This is exactly the same, nearly word for word, as my pip assessment and subsequent report. Only difference being I’m not deaf, my husband isn’t a doctor and I’m not a nurse.
      It wasn’t conducted in County Durham by any chance?

    • Rainy Roo

      I am trying to have my complaint heard but Capita will not touch it they say DWP have to deal with incorrect information in report which is difficult as DWP are upholding his report as fact!!!….Capita are not answering on time and have said can only complain about his conduct which we already told yhem about and nothing!Im at trying to get permission to appeal to UT been refused by first tier !because if his facts !

      • Honor

        Even if you go to the second appeal you get the same answer. How can they check your compaint about them ,when what they have written in the report is lies incorrect and inconsistent with all the medical reports you have. The Dow desition makers are as bad.

    • Niki Dlee

      I am in the same boat with my son who is 16 and has Aspergers syndrome. he was getting DLA but had to claim PIP when he became 16.His PIP has been disallowed. the DA from Capita was appalling in the way she treated my son and she refused to acknowledge me as his appointee. I complained but Capita found no evidence to substantiate my claim! I eventually, after weeks of asking, received the DA’s report which DID NOT reflect what was said at the meeting and was full of lies. The DA, who is also a nurse did not once the correct spelling of my son’s disability in the report. The report did not contain one complete sentence and there was an absence of full stops and capital letters. Capita do not respond within the time limits they set and are a corrupt organisation. this is in the hands of my MP and i am confident that this will end up at tribunal. how on earth van this be allowed to continue.


      I had this too in my own house I never lie and dont expect others who seem truthful to do the same.

    • Ceecee

      My assessment report had so many serious fabrications and inaccuracies that I am appealing at tribunal and have corrected 24 major points on the report and have been able to back my claims with medical evidence. If I was not entitled to PIP they should say so instead of writing a report containing so many downright lies. I hope this is the start of actually doing something about these assessments.

    • PeaceonEarth

      Allowed or not everyone should record their assessment to prove the lies. There are many discreet recording devices these days, I have a recorder that looks like a fitbit or watch, there are pens, ornaments, teddy bears and much more. No matter how often they say recordings are not admissible if taken without permission, there is nothing they can do once you start playing it at an appeal. Furthermore I know of 2 people who once they told the DWP they had recorded their assessment had their decision overturned immediately, without appeal! They know the assessors lie and if you have a recording they know they can’t deny it so will often approve a higher rate.

      • TiggyTiger

        Transcriptions of the recording are though, especially if in the public interest, which this most definitely is!

    • Chan

      This happened to me. The assessor’s report came back and it had nothing but lies wrote on it. It hadn’t noted a thing that was actually true. It left me deflated and sad. It’s disgusting. I was not aware that you could record the interview. Had I of known I would have.

    • Snappersforum

      yep mine lied too , from saying I have hearing aids – I don;t and saying I had no aids yet mentions stool, powerchair, stick in her report, saying I was calm – I was balling my eyes out and so on, her lies led to the samaratans calling an ambulance for me – still suicidal and struggling whilst waiting result of MR before going to appeal – which I fully expect I will have to do

    • Teresa Harris

      my assessor for esa lied but i got it after i appealed and sent in more medical proof then pip was easy i had a nice man who told the truth in mk

    • Teresa Harris

      they would soon change the rules if a tory members family was affected

    • TiggyTiger

      This is actually very typical of these ‘assessments’. They said my friend had been able to walk the distance from the bus stop to the assessment centre, when she had told the she arrived early so she could stop to rest at a cafe half way there as she knew she couldn’t do it in one go. They also said she was receiving no specialist treatment for her Achilles tendon, when she had sent in evidence to show she was. With many of my friends, they have claimed not to gable to access their details so have just done it on the laughable ‘physical assessment’, which usually bears no relation to the person’s medical condition and difficulties.

    • Kenneth Lowry

      That sound like the same thing that happened to me, the 20 something year old experienced mental health nurse spent all her time on the laptop, she said I have never seen a psychiatrist despite us giving her a CONSULTANT psychiatrist’s letter, they have numbers to refuse, I guess my name was pulled out the hat, currently in a tribunal, I HAVE EVEN GOT ANOTHER PSYCHIATRIST REPORT, that confirms my conditions, but I guess her 25 min assessment is more creditable than 2 x consultants psychiatrist 1 hours assessment, but hey ho eh !!!! – even got a War Disablement Pension but again after this 25 min assessment by a ‘ experienced mental health nurse ‘ has the last word

    • Concerned Group

      This RGN/Capita assessor Deanna Foreshaw did my assessment from DLA (Highest rate for both for 14 years) to PIP, she did exactly the same to me. I asked for a copy of my assessment & it was absolutely full of inconsistencies, contradictions & outright lies. It has destroyed my life. I lost my mobility car & couldn’t afford to pay my carer. Today after a terrible few months I have had my mobility at highest rate back but still only standard rate for daily living. I cannot cook a meal or shower myself. I sent in so much proof of this even my meals on wheels bills. I’m broken by this woman’s actions, I’m dirty & hungry & all my toe nails have grown into my skin. I have a disabled child & we can’t manage anymore. I’m absolutely broken by what this so called nurse has done to me. I was a teacher for many years. This woman needs stripping of her RGN status. Pure evil is the only way I can describe her. Shame on you Deanna Foreshaw. Let your name & the truth be known across the country. I have no fight left to appeal.

      • Freddiesgranny

        I am so sorry to read this, especially, that she has taken the fight out of you. My friends daughter in law has Chrohns, and I came across lots of patients with stomas due to UC and Crohns, so I can understand the clinical side of your problem,
        I am currently going through the appeals process, essentially because not only did my WCA nurse totally misrepresent me, but because my GP thinks that by scribbling across the form which states “a well completed form may mean your patient doesn’t have to undergo further medical assessment” because he doesn’t agree with the system will help me in some way! My case starts from a lifting accident whilst working as a nurse, we didn’t have lifting aids and excuses like the nurses working now have. Your assessor was probably one of the new breed of nurse, who has a degree but no idea of how to care for another human being.
        How long before you can put in a new claim? Please don’t give up, it means that these awful people have won.
        With very best wishes

    • Eileen Robinson

      I had ‘assessment’ November 2016, when PIP was removed!
      My report from the SRN (who has no experience or training in my conditions, also does not reflect the actual truth.)
      It is as if the report is concerning a different patient! Trying to discuss my concerns fell on ‘deaf ears’ DWP made their decision and Reconsideration on inaccurate, false information but I was not allowed to discuss any of it,
      the letter from DWP was not sent for over 6 weeks and only because I queried the delay- therefore my appeal request was ‘late’ because of the DWP who pre-dated the MR notice (11/02 2017 but did not send it until February 2017). but the court now tell me, “as your request is late, we will ask the DWP if they object to this and they have 28 days to decide’, (even though it is their fault! Also more time for me without benefit. Benefit that was removed even though I have deteriorated! This situation is making my health deteriorate, lose weight and not know which way to turn, my ‘hands are tied’.

    • KLane

      I’m disgusted at the amount of complaints about the PIP assessors and having witnessed their lies first hand, I feel as though something urgently needs to be done. I undetstand they have to make cuts but they should at least be doing it honestly. They (Capita) say on their site that their aim is “to gather sufficient factual information” yet their assessors aren’t recording/making notes of the actual facts given too them. I have also learnt that the assessor is actually committing fraud by lying on the reports as the Fraud Act 2006 states: Section 2 Fraud Act 2006 sets out the framework of the classic fraud offence. The offence usually consists of some sort of dishonest statement made to gain something or so that someone else makes a loss.
      Maybe we should start reporting assessors for fraud.

    • Roger Davies

      I am not surprised. I was rejected for PIP after the assessor Karen Goode, said I had said the opposite of what I actually said . It was a tissue of lies. She also said she had seen me striding down the landing with a ‘normal gait and pace’ which I have never been able to do in my life.

      A doctor provided a letter for mandatory reconsideration explaining that this would be impossible. A certain Alex Henty acknoledged receipt of the letter, and immediatley afterwards said there was no evidence that there was anything wrong with my legs.

      This so called assessment too place in the Capital Tower building in Cardiff.

      They make disabled people out to be lying. A psychologiist wuld calll it projection. It is they who are liars and frauds. People have gone to prisn for less than this.

      Marianne using Roger’s computer

    • Dawn

      A few weeks ago i had a pip a assessment and have just found out that i do not qualify. I have quite severe perianal crohns disease..osteo arthritis and fibromyalgia ,anemia etc and incontinence from the front and back passage.I am also undergoing mental health councelling that all seems to be interlinked due to the crohns. WELL !! for starters i was made to feel very uncomfortable as she repeatedly stared at me waiting for my answers because i just could not focus. Tap tap tap on her keyboard was grating so much on my nerves that i couldn’t concentrate. I asked her if she was aware as to what Perianal crohns was to save me having to go through the disgusting details with her(my bowel leakes into my front and the pain is quite often very disabilitating) and it became apparent by her blank expression on her face that she had no clue. She fired questions at me repeatedly as to when i was diagnosed for my conditions and who by etc. I was trying my best to answer what i could but she was rather relentless. I swear they do this by design.. i just wanted out of there.
      Tell me someone.. who has the right to treat you like this? !! is it not enough that your life is impacted in this way to start with and then to have someone sit in front of you pulling a face when you try to explain your symptoms. It was hard enough for me to tell her what happens and she quite obviously had trouble listening to it !! THANK YOU female assessor.. thank you for making me feel like i am dirty and disgusting for having this happen to me and maybe you should NOT be doing this kind of work !! Move over and give a real caring and understanding professional your job as you are the reason that i stay away from judgemental people like you and i now feel worse than i ever did..

    • Michael gorton

      I have just had a similar experience a nurse working for capita as lide were do I stand I have been told I did not get any points dispite have rheumatoid arthritis heart failure been refused heart surgery on the grounds I would not survive the surgery only when I had an heart attack and there was no choice I have a lot more medical problems

    • Freddiesgranny

      The nurse, sorry, trained disability analyst, should remember that her responsibility is to her patient. The question there is: is she her patient? Or is she a benefit claimant, in which case i believe she should not be able to be on the register as she has a conflict of interest. The government have made not secret that welfare reforms are to reduce the benefit bill. She must know that her report could be life changing for the applicant.
      I would be interested to know whether the tribunals are funded by the DWP or whether because they are dealt with by HM Courts and Tribunal service they are funded by the Department of Justice.

    • Stacey Lee

      The assessor i had see me about my epilepsy lied on the report, she pretty much wrote everything the opposite to what i told her and shed continuously interrupt me when i was answering a question she had asked therefore not allowing me to finish answering. I phoned for a MR and I told the person why i wanted one, what the other person had lied about etc, when i got the decision back for that the person I spoke to on the phone also lied about what i told her missed things out that i told her i wanted reconsidered so they made their decision based on two lairs. They seem to be incapable of employing people who know how to tell the truth. i had the same problem when i first applied for PIP a few years ago and when i originally applied for ESA, i had to take it to a tribunal which i won and i am now having to do the same for the PIP.

    • Adrian Underwood

      I’m not surprised by this at all. I have an assessment with Capita tomorrow and I’m worried. A friend was sacked by Capita a few months ago after complaining about the conduct of fellow assessors. She told me that at the time they were receiving commission for knocking people back. I don’t know if this is or still is the case, but it would explain a rushed, dishonest approach to assessments.

    • Darren Withers

      I suffer from chronic anxiety and get very stressed and agitated easily, I was having questions fired at me by the assessor and never had time to think what I was going to say. I said the way she was talking to me was making me feel agitated. She threw her hands up in the air and said she couldn’t continue the assessment because I was making her feel unsafe. She wrote a ;letter to my GP saying I made her feel unsafe because I was being irrational. I will now have my PIP claim decision made without a complete assessment.

    • Sammie Mara

      I recorded mine the woman lied her teeth off when reading it I had to check it was me she was on about. Then mandatory gave me a knock back but I’m going to tribunal as I taped the assessment and damn glad I did. They have made it so I will be late putting my tribunal letter in its disgusting how they are acting, everyway they are making it difficult, if I didn’t have a carer id be knackered getting hold of the tribunal form was a nightmare as I aint got a printer why did they not put one in with the mandatory knock back that they held on to for two weeks before sending out? I’m not going to be in time, I am going to use that recording as proof of how they are treating people its shocking.

    • BOMBA777

      They did this to me, twice, 6 months apart…for a degenerative condition. They gave me no physical examination yet filled out they had and I passed everything, not receiving a single point. At the Tribunal appeal I relieved maximum points in all but one category & was granted the enhanced category for both care & mobility. Now they’re about to put me through again. Again, insisting I attend the interview, when I’ve (eventually) been granted home evaluations on both previous occasions. This time I’ll have a nurse (my wife) & recording engineer (my son) witnessing & recording it all…and adding a little intimidation 😉