Our Founder

Photo of Dr. Gregory BurkeWe were founded in 2000 by Dr Gregory Burke, a wheelchair user since the age of 16 after he acquired an illness that devastated his physical nervous system. He was in hospital and rehabilitation for nearly 4 years.

Notwithstanding a lack of qualifications stemming from his time in hospital, Gregory secured an interview at King's College Cambridge. He won a place there to read History. Gregory became a multiple prize and scholarship winner and went on to do a Masters and PhD in Historical Political Leadership.

The daily frustrations of trying to access his community spurred him to try and change things for the better.

While still a student Gregory set up and co-ordinated an unprecedented national consultation exercise among disabled people and representatives. The aim was to find a practical means to provide disabled people with greater independence and choice.

That exercise led to the establishment of DisabledGo to provide disabled people with fine-grain access information to buildings and services all over the country. 

Over 100 disability groups were consulted about DisableGo's aims and methods. Since then over 800 groups of disabled people have directly contributed to developing and improving the service.

DisabledGo is now the UK's most popular resource of disabled access information. Arguably the service has transformed what is acceptable as an access guide to a building.

The success of the project led Cranfield MBA magazine to describe Gregory as 'one of the UK's leading social entrepreneurs'. 

Gregory appears regularly in news and discussion programmes including Radio 4 Today, BBC Breakfast News, You & Yours and numerous others. He has provided consultancy, advice and delivered speeches to several government departments as well as chairing government conferences, including the UK Conference on the UN Convention on the Rights for People with Disabilities in 2010.

In 2012, after a decade spent establishing and growing DisabledGo into a significant business, turning over c.£2 million and leading a multi-disciplinary team of 40, Gregory stepped down. The day-to-day running of DisabledGo has been entrusted to long-term mentor and former M&S Director, Barry Stevenson, as Executive Chair along with Anna Borthwick, a DisabledGo 'home-grown' Director, with a decade's worth of successful managerial experience in the organisation. Gregory remains a Director contributing to DisabledGo's business strategy.

As a Lord Denning scholar of Lincoln's Inn, Gregory was called to the Bar in 2012. He now seeks to effect change as a London barrister with a specialism in equality and discrimination law. 

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