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The University of East Anglia is delighted to be working with DisabledGo and firmly believes the information provided on these pages will provide greater understanding of and access to our campus by students, their families and a wide range of other visitors.

We warmly welcome disabled people to UEA, whether for study, work or for occasional events and work consistently and continually to improve access to our facilities and services. The success of this can be seen in the increasing numbers of disabled students enjoying high quality education and social experience here and successfully achieving their degrees.

Our goals for a diverse and harmonious campus are supported by all our Faculties and their Schools. They in turn are supported by the Equality and Diversity Office, our Human Resources team and our Centre for Staff Education and Development. The Student Support Service in particular provide a number of focussed support services and have a wide range of expertise on which students can draw. In employment, the University has Two ticks recognition and is keen to increase the number of disabled staff through positive action in recruitment.

The University has just launched its first Single Equality Scheme and Action Plan and also has a systematic plan for assessing its policies and practices against requirements for achieving equality as an organisation. Progress against goals, and review, are measured by our Equality and Diversity Committee and the University's Council.

More information about equality and diversity, including policies and the Single Equality Scheme can be found at:

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