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The University of Manchester
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The University of Manchester is Britain's largest single-site university with a proud history of achievement and an ambitious agenda for the future. Our mission is to make the University one of the leading universities in the world by 2015 and with some of the highest quality teaching and research and the broadest spread of academic subjects we are well on our way to achieving this ambitious vision.

Building on our historical prestige, we have continued to adapt successfully to the needs of students by investing in world-class facilities for teaching, learning, research and recreation and we are committed to providing a dynamic working and learning environment, where every member of our community is valued for their contribution and individuality.

Central to our ambitions are our Equality Schemes, including our Disability Equality Scheme, which enables us to plan, deliver and evaluate our actions with regards to meeting the needs of and promoting equality of opportunity for disabled people. Current facilities include:

  • Rooms in Halls which have been adapted to meet the needs of students with impaired mobility
  • Extensive IT and other support facilities
  • Specialist software for blind, visually impaired and dyslexic students.
  • Provision for study skills and other support for students with specific learning difficulties

The University's DSO supports disabled students to enable them to undertake their studies and enjoy a satisfying student experience whilst at the University of Manchester. The DSO also supports disabled staff to enable them to undertake their job role. There is an active disabled staff network group that is open to all staff, including those who are not disabled, but who have an active interest in supporting the group.

Finally, but not least, we wish to thank the alumni of the University for their generosity in funding this project through Your Fund 2008.