Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

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Northampton General Hospital is located close to the centre of Northampton, serving a local population of 360,000. We have 14 operating theatres, ITU and HDU facilities, and more than 600 beds.

As a recognised cancer centre, we provide specialist care to a catchment population of 880,000. We have recently opened our new facilities for providing in patient renal services, and interventional cardiology services as a sub-specialty of medicine, with a capital investment of around £25 million.

We have received national, regional and local recognition for the services we provide, including awards for cleanliness and catering services, national nursing awards, regional awards for promoting inclusion and good practice, development of new and changing roles and inter-professional learning, plus national awards for excellence in communications.

Our whole focus is on improving the quality of care given to our patients. We see quality as encompassing the following elements:

  • Clinically effective services
  • Safe services
  • The best possible experience for patients

We also believe in involving others in what we do and celebrating success.

We are working to constantly to improve accessibility to the Trust's services and this website will assist patients / visitors plan their visit with prior knowledge of the facilities available.

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