London Borough of Hounslow

London Borough of Hounslow
Lampton Road

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Hounslow Council is proud of its Borough, its rich heritage, its people and its scenery. Whether you are a resident, someone who works in the Borough or a visitor, we want you to enjoy, participate and use its many restaurants, shops, pubs, leisure facilities and historical buildings.

We strongly believe that no-one should be disadvantaged because of sight, hearing or mobility difficulties. We are therefore delighted to sponsor Disabled Go to make sure that you have all the access information you need to enjoy what the London Borough of Hounslow has to offer.

Using this guide, we hope to actively encourage more Hounslow businesses to develop their buildings and services ensuring that all disabled people have the opportunity to lead a full, active and enjoyable life.

If you've not yet visited Hounslow, we welcome you. If you live or work in Hounslow then please use this guide to visit and enjoy the many open spaces, local venues and excellent facilities we have to offer.