Specialist Mobility Rehabilitation Centre

Specialist Mobility Rehabilitation Centre
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The Specialist Mobility Rehabilitation Services [SMRC] provides specialist Wheelchair and Prosthetic services throughout Lancashire and South Cumbria and provides Orthotic services locally. The centre currently has 22,000 wheelchair, 1500 Prosthetic and 6,300 Orthotic [NHS] patients and 78 war pensioners.

A comprehensive service is provided for Upper and Lower amputees, Orthotic and all Wheelchair patients, with a long term mobility need. Services include assessment, supply. Modification and maintenance/repair of equipment issued.

The Centre’s Consultant in rehabilitation medicine leads the Prosthetic Service Clinical Team with the Prosthetists and Orthotists employed by a private contractor on site, who also manufacture and repair the Prosthetic Limbs. Physio’s, Occupational Therapists, Nursing Staff, Rehabilitation Engineers, Counsellor / Hypnotherapist and Administration Staff provide support. Walk training is provided for local patients. The Orthotic service is delivered at the SMRC and at Chorley District General Hospital.

All types of wheelchairs, including special seating and cushions are provided. A Voucher Scheme is in operation for those who wish to contribute towards the cost of their wheelchair and want increased choice. Short term loan provision is available in certain areas. The Wheelchair Service is organised from the centre and delivered through a private contractor working in the community. Clinics are provided by the Rehabilitation Engineers and local therapists at five locations in the catchment area. Specialist clinics are provided at the SMRC and at Kendal by the centre’s multi-disciplinary team.

Clinical governance is delivered within the Directorate Governance Quality Framework.