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Forward from Councillor Ken Guild, Leader of the Administration, Dundee City Council

Dundee City Council believes that tackling inequalities and valuing the diversity of our citizens provides a strong foundation for a cohesive and confident community.

The 1995 Disability Discrimination Act for the first time placed a requirement on public authorities and private businesses to tackle the discrimination and to break down the multiple barriers that people with disabilities faced.

Over the intervening years much progress has been made tackling inequality. However we should never be complacent as there is still much work to be done before people with disabilities have the same economic, social and cultural rights and opportunities that others take for granted.

Whilst we still strive towards breaking down barriers we should also recognise, promote and share the many examples of where good progress has been made. One important area of positive change has been in the design and build of accessible public buildings and services allowing many people with disabilities to enjoy greater freedom and choice over their lives.

Dundee City Council's partnership with DisabledGo, one of Europe's largest disability organisations, provides the opportunity for people with disabilities, their families and carers to have real choice over how they want to live their lives and adds value to our vision of Dundee being a cohesive and confident community.

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The Best Bar None Scheme Dundee is now in year 8 of Best Bar None. The licensed trade in Dundee embrace BBN with new premises joining year on year. BBN works in conjunction with our local pubwatch scheme. Hand in hand they aim to make Dundee a safer place for all to work, visit and socialise. Please visit here for more information.