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Foreword by Councillor Tim Cheetham, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families

Barnsley Borough Council has worked in partnership with NHS Barnsley and DisabledGo to develop the site. This will be a huge benefit to people living in and visiting the Borough.

Whether you are planning a visit to a local restaurant, a night out to a pub or club or organising a visit to the cinema or theatre then DisabledGo has it all plus much more.

All of our Health venues are included giving information on accessibility.

We have done much to improve access to Council premises in the borough and provide more information to our disabled citizens and visitors; this shows a real commitment to equality. We hope you find DisabledGo to be both valuable and useful.

Wendy Royffe [Chair of Equality and Diversity Steering Group – NHS Barnsley]

NHS Barnsley is committed to making it easier for everyone to choose quality healthcare, have better access to information and treatment that is best suited to their needs. We value diversity and this project shows practical action to both monitor and improve how we offer our services to all our population and those who visit our town. While generally the health of people living in disadvantaged groups and areas has improved significantly over the last ten years it is still much harder for some people to get good access to healthcare, or get information and advice early enough to make a difference to their health and quality of life. It is evident that, in Barnsley, poor health is much more likely to affect certain groups and communities and we are very concerned about these health inequalities. Many community health projects are now set up to try to improve the circumstances that may be causing the widening gap.

We are especially pleased to have worked in partnership with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and local service users to set up this important project – the 'DisabledGo' website, designed to help people who use all kinds of facilities and services in Barnsley to have more information about our venues and available support, so that people can move around and be as independent as possible in their daily living. An exciting aspect of this website is the way experiences of all those who use our facilities can be fed into our planning process and influence the future design of services. Information about access for people with any disability, including those with learning and sensory disabilities will become an essential and accurate guide that really helps people to access services that meet their needs.

We will continue this partnership approach to improving information, through many means, about all our community services as it leads directly to people's feeling of well-being through making informed choices, independent living and being able to make a difference on behalf of others in the future.