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Councillor Barney Crockett and Alastair Williamson, Chair of Disability Advisory Group

Aberdeen City Council's Disability Equity Partnership have long recognised the need for an accurate and informative Access Guide for the city. In the past practical difficulties have always prevented its realisation. We warmly welcome this initiative between Aberdeen City Council, Marks & Spencer and DisabledGo. It has made our aspiration a reality.

We now have a great resource that will allow considerable freedom of choice. It will also give people the confidence to access a wide range of activities. We anticipate that this will be of benefit not just to residents of the city and shire but also to tourists from home and abroad. (Hopefully it will also encourage businesses and other organisations to improve their own facilities to allow better access) We would encourage everyone to visit this very accessible website.

Aberdeen City is a very diverse and cosmopolitan city. The Council is committed to working towards achieving equal opportunities for all the people of Aberdeen. Providing a positive and accessible environment free from prejudice and unlawful discrimination will help us achieve this goal. This Guide is just one of many tools that Aberdeen will be using towards this end.

We value the needs and rights of all individuals including those who visit our city whether it is to shop, to work, or to be entertained. This online guide produced by Aberdeen City, Marks and Spencer and DisabledGo, with the assistance of partners and many local people with disabilities, is a high quality customer-focused service. We believe it will contribute to improving everyone's quality of life, but in particular those people with disabilities, their families, friends and carers. It will enable them to make informed decisions about the places they visit, where they stay, the services they are seeking and how they can best enjoy what we believe is an exciting and vibrant City.

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