Why I started DisabledGo

Open quotes DisabledGo was founded from the conviction that disabled people and their families, friends, and carers should be a part of, not apart from, society.

But DisabledGo was also founded from acute frustration! My own, personally, as a wheelchair user and disabled walker, and the frustrations of thousands of disabled people who I have come into contact with over the years.

Listening and learning from, initially, over 100 groups of disabled people I heard a familiar refrain:

  • How many times have we been told that there is level access in theory, only to find that there are two steps up in practice?
  • How often have we found that the "accessible toilet" is anything but accessible when we have gone to use it?
  • Why do we have to fight to get our assistance dogs admitted?
  • Have you ever suspected that your "easy-access" hotel room was a practical joke?
  • How can we know in confidence how far we are truly going to have to walk?


And when we do go out and find that the restaurant/cinema/hotel/shop is not accessible, despite what we have been told, I know how that frustration can turn inward; that the problem can seem all to be ours.

We can lose confidence. We can retreat.

But it's not our fault

It's because the buildings are not accessible based on our own individual requirements. Or, the information about how to get in and around them is inadequate or just plain wrong.

In this way disability can mean the death of spontaneity. It means that everything needs to be planned to the ‘nth’ degree before we go out or try a new venue.

DisabledGo is the grass-roots up response from disabled people to change this.

Using a research methodology - developed with over 800 groups of disabled people - we capture detailed, accurate access information to thousands of venues. We do this in person and onsite.

Our aim is nothing less than to empower disabled people across the country with effective choices. For you to be in control.

I want every disabled person with a smartphone to have DisabledGo's unique access information to hand and to feel and be more ‘free’ as a result.

I want every disabled person with internet access to save us in their ‘favourites’ and use us so that they can stop existing and start living.

Get involved. Give us your feedback. Help us improve.

Join one of our many steering groups across the UK which power us forward so that in years to come our proudest boast can be:

"We were part of a step-change that transformed the experiences and opportunities of disabled people in this country. And we've never looked back."Close quotes

Dr Gregory Burke, Founder of DisabledGo