Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search your website?

Our website can be searched in 2 ways, using the Quick Search at the top of the page, this can be used to access website information or search for products in the shop.


You can search for places to go here, where you can search for venue access guides across the UK.


How do I filter my search results?

On the left of your search results you will see the filter column. Here you can filter your search results by type of venue, venue facilities, average user rating and much more to display exactly what you're looking for.


What does 'View Access Guide' take me to?

Where you see 'View Access Guide' it means a Detailed Access Guide has been produced or that more details about a Key Access Review is available. This happens where there are adapted toilets in a venue covered as a Key Access Review.


How are you funded? 

DisabledGo is funded by a range of public sector partners; you will see a welcome message from our partners when you explore our information to each local area. You will also see our partner's logo at the top of each access guide page. DisabledGo works with over 200 partners across the UK and Ireland.


My area isn't featured, how can I get it on the website?

DisabledGo's aim is to cover all of the UK, Ireland and beyond, however, to do this we require funding from the relevant public bodies. If you would like to help us bring DisabledGo to your area or an area you are interested please send us an email at


Why do you cover venues that aren't accessible to me?

DisabledGo does not aim to tell anyone what is right or wrong for them, we aim to give detailed information about what you will find at a particular building or attraction. We provide information that relates to a wide range of impairments and we recognise that what is accessible to one person is not necessarily accessible to another person. As a result we provide information and people then decide what is accessible to them.


What's the difference between your access guides and access audits?

Although DisabledGo's Detailed Access Guides convey a lot of information, they are not Access Audits. The purpose of an Access Audit is to carry out a physical assessment of a building and make recommendations. DisabledGo does not make recommendations. DisabledGo surveyors record a wide range of detailed access information - "we say it as we see it" - so that disabled people are in control by having independent, reliable information from which they can decide whether they wish to go to that venue.

BS8300:2001/9, (a technical document relating to building accessibly buildings) does not form the basis by which DisabledGo symbols are allocated or form the basis for surveyor assessment criteria. This is not to say that BS8300:2001/9 are not referred to or studied. What does form the basis of the criteria is the years of feedback received from disabled people regarding what information they need to know.


How can I get my venue featured?

If you would like your venue featured on please email us at


How do you get this information?

We get this information by sending a surveyor to visit each venue. The surveyor collects the data on a hand held computer, taking relevant measurements and photographs and talking to a representative of the service face to face. The survey template that is used can collect over 800 individual pieces of information, per venue, relating to access. The DisabledGo survey template was launched after an initial 2 year consultation period with disabled people. It has then been refined over the past 8 years by DisabledGo involvement events. To find out more please see the about us page.


How often is this information reviewed?

Every venue on the website is contacted each year to find out if their access has changed. A venue owner or customer can contact us at any time to inform us of changes to venues. Venues which have had structural changes are revisited by DisabledGo surveyors annually, a note of any changes will be made as soon as we are informed, but full details will not be taken until we can collect them in person.


How do I link to

To link to DisabledGo please contact us as