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    Karen Fry from John Turner Way, Darley Dale has finally had success with her ongoing campaign to prevent motorists parking on Tactile Crossings. This is where the kerb is dropped and there are small bumps on the edge of the pavement to warn blind or partially sighted people that the road is ahead.

    Derbyshire County Council has agreed to install two bollards on either side of both the tactile crossings on Broad Walk as a result of Karen’s persistence. Karen, 54, became reliant on a scooter in 2011 to get around and has been campaigning ever since as she soon started to realise the ignorance of drivers in her local area. As Karen uses a mobility scooter to get around on a daily basis she became annoyed by the lack of consideration shown by drivers especially on Broad Walk.

    “People think it is ok to park on them, even though it is actually illegal, I find it extremely inconsiderate of drivers when you consider that the point of these crossings are so that people with reduced mobility or buggies and prams can navigate roads and pavements safely.” Karen told us.

    Karen also campaigned a few years ago for the pavement behind the shops on Broadwalk going onto John Turner Way to be resurfaced and a drop kerb put in. This was successful and it spurred Karen on to also try and get some bollards fitted either side of the dropped kerb near to the A6 as this is also a particularly problematic area for her and no doubt other mobility scooter users. A victory for a safer community, thanks to Karen!

    If you would like to join Karen by getting involved and helping to campaign for safer pavements or have an incident to report, email DisabledGo at dontblockthedrop@disabledgo.com or comment on their Facebook or Twitter page. Their aim is to obtain 1000 examples of motorists blocking dropped kerbs.

    So when you next park your car on the roadside, look out for tactile crossings!

    For more information about the DisabledGo campaign, visit www.disabledgo.com/dontblockthedrop


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