• It’s taken a while but the term “Pace Yourself” I finally understand …[Karen’s Blog]

    Since reducing my medication so that it no longer leaves me with no memory of the night before – without the hangover, I really do understand that term.

    On Thursday, my husband and I went for a night out. It wasn’t a big clubby thing or really late night/early morning, but I have known from past trials, that evena small trip; like going to a large shopping centre (even being pushed around in the wheelchair) really do take it out of me.  I call the exhaustion afterwards, the ‘putting on my public face’ hangover.

    We were going to see a film we had already seen at the large Cineworld near us, but this was with a Question and Answer from the Director (Jonny Owen) and one of The Miracle Men, Colin Barrett.

    We popped into Le Mistral around 5 ish for a bite to eat before heading to The Northern Light Cinema in Wirksworth, Derbyshire.  https://www.thenorthernlightcinema.co.uk

    This is a gem in itself and despite having been told about it by our daughters, we never thought to go until the showing of I Believe In Miracles …  What a lot of wasted time!

    If you live anywhere near – or far, for that matter, and there is a film you want  to see, do check it out.  We were thrilled to find something so personal, so loved, as this little cinema.

    It has sofas (with wine <- important bit) arm chairs and traditional BIG cinema seats, all covered with different fabrics  and with blankets and cushions available for use. How cool is that?

    Watching the film itself with, not only Nottingham Forest supporters, but people who love this particular cinema and those who love football, made me smile. (Hey, you can take your wine in too as there is loads of room between the rows of seats; unlike today’s cinemas, so people walking past would rarely knock it over)

    Holding about 52 people, you can just imagine the atmosphere from the start, can’t you?

    Great acoustics and really good sized screen. Just simply a brilliant venue.

    Very disabled friendly – it has a lift up to the entrance to the bar/eating area and one up to the cinema. I have not the slightest doubt that if you were on your own, the owners, would pop to the bar for you.https://www.thenorthernlightcinema.co.uk/index.php/home/accessibility-options

    When Jonny and Colin came down, everyone applauded and he Jonny even bought Vicky McClure with him. (For those that don’t know her – I disown you!). About time we met as I have been a huge admirer of hers since A Room For Romeo Brass http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0202559/ and have obviously loved her character in This Is England.

    woodie and lolThis is where I show off my figurine of Woody and Lol from This Is England …

    The Q & A at the end with Jonny and Colin was hilarious in parts and we learned a lot about Mr. Brian Clough that we never knew and if you haven’t been to a Q & A; you will probably never know.

    Having always been a big supporter of Shane Meadows and This Is England, Vicky sort of knows me as someone who is forever sharing This Is England Posts and, well to be honest, I promote anything I am passionate about on both Facebook and Twitter, so it was really nice to finally meet. (Yeah I’m sort of bragging here but why they hell not!)

    We were supposed to be going for drinks afterwards with everyone but I was pain from not only sitting for so long – though I got up and down a couple of times and there was space enough to fidget in those seats I can tell you,  but I realise now why going out takes so much out of you and sometimes it’s very hard to get up the enthusiasm to go out, even to something that, for me, was so wonderful.

    Just talking to others is wearing at times, and you don’t realise it until you can take off your public face and have a moan to your partner about how you hurt.  (Even then sometimes it’s best to keep quiet as who wants to hear that boring stuff all the time)

    Please, please, don’t get me wrong – I have had one of the best nights of my life and despite being so tired of the damn pain before we went, I am so very glad we did.

    Now – this is the part where I say to people, I know what it’s like to pace myself now.  Rather than do two things in two nights – spread it out.  It took me all yesterday to recover and I was in bed most of the day and went to bed at 6.30pm.  I was utterly exhausted.

    However, today I am on here, bringing you this blog.

    You do have to push yourself a little and sometimes it’s really hard to want to do that – but if there is something special coming up in your life, like there was in mine last Thursday, then truly, it is worth going that extra mile. You may be exhausted and in more pain the next day, but the memories of that day or night, will stay with you long after the pain has eased.

    I’m still in raptures over the venue …

    Until next week, blessings … Karen.

    Next Friday, we’re out in Nottingham for Light Night http://www.experiencenottinghamshire.com/whats-on/light-night-2016-p488231 and we’re staying over, which obviously means alcohol.

    Watch this space to see how my husband deals with drink and a wheelchair.

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