• Going out – it’s like having a baby again! [Karen’s Blog]

    We went out on Friday night to Light Night in Nottingham and stayed at a hotel in the City centre.  I’d had a good rest on the Thursday and a lie in on the Friday, then it was let’s get packed and ready to go.

    The easy bit is the clothes and toiletries, cables for I Pads, phones etc.

    Then comes the wheelchair bit.

    • Wheelchair
    • Blanket
    • Cushion
    • Gloves
    • Heat up pads for gloves in case it gets really cold
    • Scarf
    • Waterproof coat
    • Bag for back of wheelchair containing extra painkillers
    • Mouth spray for dry mouth

    I thought back to when the girls were little and yes, it’s really like getting ready to take a young child out – except the changes of clothes as I hopefully won’t vomit down mine.

    So, first thing was checking into the Mercure Hotel in the city centre.  Now there is no car park there as in many cities, so we were told to use one not too far from the hotel which was no bother at all and you get a discounted rate. (Until the morning when it was like a monsoon and we got drenched)

    Staff were lovely and friendly and allocated us a large double room with a big walk in shower.  Couldn’t ask for more – plenty of room and a great view of the Lace Market area of Nottingham which is where most of the good bars are and no, it wasn’t noisy at night at all even thought the Hotel had supplied ear plugs just in case.

    The one thing I don’t like about going far in a wheelchair is that you have to ‘tog up’ … That’s layers.  T shirt, jumper, body warmer, waterproof jacket, scarf, gloves.  I popped a blanket under my bum just in case I needed it and put my air cushion at the back to ease my back from the bumps.  So that was it – I was in my chair and couldn’t move!  Again, I know what a toddler feels like now.

    Please don’t let me want a pee!

    I love Nottingham.  It’s such a vibrant, city – catering to young and old. Light Night involved loads of activities, from pedal power music (people on bicycles keeping the music going) to many exhibitions. http://www.experiencenottinghamshire.com/whats-on/light-night-2016-p488231

    Nottingham Light festival

    I soon felt the need of the blanket as the gusts of wind bitterly bit my nose. It’s hard for the person pushing you to remember that you are just sitting still in cold, cold weather and so it’s a lot colder for we wheelchair users … And yes, there came a time I did need the toilet and YES, it was a huge hassle.

    We did have a lovely hour or so out in the elements looking at ‘stuff’ on the little markets and I even got my photo taken with the Mayoress …. And she plonked her hat on my head, so, for a few seconds I was the Mayoress of Nottingham.

    Karen with hatHad a drink in The Nottingham Contemporary Art Exhibition Centre and I somehow managed to end up borrowing  some guy’s hat and coat.  Apparently it was a meet up and he approached me and asked if I were there for that … I said no, but could I borrow his coat and hat.

    What we really came to see though, was the Exhibition of Nottingham Forest Winning the European Cup twice on the trot – and to have our photo’s taken with the cup!

    All in all I had a great Friday night,  but boy, do I pay for those nights out.  I spent Saturday afternoon in bed and am still not the apex, but hey – I made a brilliant memory, and that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

    Stay smiley – Karen X

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