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    I’m getting worried about the notes coming through with my prescriptions saying that if I feel sleepy or unable, then don’t drive.  I never would and having been on analgesic medication for around 5 years and if it’s ever made me feel sleepy – I take advantage of that and sleep, because I rarely get a solid nights sleep.

    However, what would happen if I had an accident and it wasn’t my fault, but they found the medications that I am on, in my system – I fear it would be a real battle to prove I was competent at driving that day.  I have strong concerns that the other party will press for it being my fault and I must have caused the accident.

    They tell us now to “not drive if your driving is impaired” and to “take it as your Doctor prescribed” which I’m sure every person on medication sticks to but is this solid!?

    Say you are in an accident and both drivers  are breathalysed at the scene and mine shows us prescription drugs on the list and the other driver hears this … Can you imagine what they would immediately think?

    This is seriously affecting my decision as to whether I get another Motability car in the future or remain, within 4 walls and unable to get to see my Mum, who is 90 and lives 4 miles away. (If I weren’t able to drive I would hardly get to see her as my O/H works in Retail and has odd hours)

    Independence makes a huge difference to we disabled people.  I have drop foot in my left foot, so therefore no feeling – the automatic car I have is indispensable.   I’m not saying I go out every day – every week even, but the car is there if I really need it.

    I wonder if any of you readers out there, have been in the situation above?  I.E., had an accident that wasn’t your fault yet are taking opiate medication that can (when it’s at a peak level, make you sleepy and relax you).

    There is usually a peak with pain medication where it makes you feel a little out of it … That’s the time I rest and relax.

    I’m in an absolute quandary about this – what do others think, please Tweet or reply to me somehow.

    Roisin Norris

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