• So how do I use DisabledGo.com?

    We have put together a list of some top tips to find accessible places to visit using DisabledGo.com

    DisabledGo provides free online access information for a huge range of places to go in the UK, such as hotels, restaurants, museums, tourist attractions and much more!


    1) What type of place to look for?

    First of all, decide which type of place you want to visit on DisabledGo.


    2) Head over to DisabledGo.com

    In google search for DisabledGo or go to http://www.disabledgo.com and you’ll get to the home page with the main search box.



    3) How to search?

    Using the first DisabledGo search box, enter the type of place you want to go e.g. hotel, restaurant

    In the second box, enter the postcode or area you want to visit e.g. London, Sheffield.

    In the third box, enter the radius of search.

    Our example is looking for Restaurants within 10 miles of London that have DisabledGo accessibility guides.


    If you cannot find what you are looking for, it may be that we don’t work in that area yet. If you send us an email, we might be able to get the venues for you by contacting the local authority. Send your email to enquiries@disabledgo.com.


    4) Filter your results

    If you wish, you can filter results to match your access requirements. You can do this by selecting the appropriate symbols.

    For example, we have filtered to show restaurants in London that have level access into the building, a fully accessible toilet and their own parking area that has good access into the building. To understand what all our symbols mean you can find them here… (opens in new tab)



    5) Have a look through the access guides

    When you find an access guide that looks suitable, click on the “view detailed access guide” button to find out more in-depth information.



    6)Have a look through the detailed part of the access guide to find the information that’s relevant for you.

    Access guides have tonnes of information in them. To make it easier for you, each section has a specific title, for example, car parking, lifts, accessible toilets.

    If you want to know something in particular, like more information about the accessible toilet, scroll down to that section, click to open it up and all the detailed information will be there.



    7) Finish reading the access guide and enjoy!

    Once you have out all the information you need to know, now there’s no surprises, make sure you have a great time. 🙂


    Now you’re all ready to go! Click here to start searching for accessible places to go on DisabledGo.com (opens in new tab)

    We hope these tips will help you find the much needed accessible information!

    Feel free to send us photos of the places you have visited on Twitter and Facebook!



    Hi I'm Aden, I work at DisabledGo as the Digital Marketing Manager and I manage the blog and all social media channels.

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    • sarah dacre

      Disabled parking at Excel to attend Ecobuild this week please

    • Shanzy Holm

      Was a bit disappointed as was using the search, filtered my results to “school/teaching” but all I get are the library learning centres. Would be nice to see which schools are accessible to people with mobility issues.

    • Eve Boyce

      Apparently there is nowhere in Newtownards I can go! Can we not tag and add places ourselves – even if they have to be verified (similar idea to trip adviser?!) otherwise this is a useful as a chocolate teapot!

    • Sandra Lanaway

      I am taking my disabled friend to Greenwich on 2nd July. Is it possible to pre book disabled parking at the Cutty Sark Parking site please? Thanks.

      • White Horse FS

        From personal experience, there is non-bookable on-street parking very close to the Cutty Sark. Some are bays, others are just single yellow lines which will probably be OK for you if you’ve got a Blue Badge. Otherwise, there is also a local authority operated 70-space car park called Cutty Sark gardens. The LA can be contacted via 020 8921 4339 or parking@greenwich.gov.uk

    • Raf

      Nothing in Northumberland at all? I think maybe this needs labelling as a ‘work in progress’ or something as it’s not made clear that there are vast areas of the country not covered.

    • It can be a great fun to use this app. I will surely gonna try this one to find anything.

    • Awesome app to find nearest resources. Will definitely try this one whenever I will travel somewhere.

    • fishspouse

      I wish something similar to this site had been available the last time I was in the UK (travelling from New Zealand) with my wheelchair . It was a bloody dreadful experience.
      Strength to your collective arm!

    • K Shields

      It would be good for us to add places that have disabled access facilities & rate them

    • Caroline Flint

      Can I go on a City Cruises boat to Greenwich with my disability scooter?

    • Great app to find the nearest resources 🙂