• Furious note left on a car that had been parked in a disabled bay without a blue badge

    It’s a parking habit that can drive even the most patient of motorists around the bend.

    So when one driver saw a car wrongly parked in a disabled bay, it’s perhaps no surprise that they took matters in their own hands.
    The anonymous motorist decided to pen an angry note to the driver, before sticking it to the car’s windscreen while it was parked at the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

    The furious letter read: ‘Your disability must be mental. I have keyed your car. Idiot!’

    The red VW Beetle, which did not have a visible blue badge on the dashboard, had been parked in one of the disabled bays on Saturday afternoon.
    But it appears the motorist decided not to go through with the threat and opted to leave the paintwork in tact.

    Dan Mackenzie, who spotted the note, said: ‘They must have really annoyed someone.
    ‘I didn’t look to see if it actually had been keyed or not, there was another person looking at the note and saying they couldn’t see a scratch on the car anywhere though.’

    The Trafford Centre has previously promised to ban shoppers who repeatedly flout parking rules by parking in disabled bays without permits.
    A spokesman said ‘hundreds’ of tickets had been issued since the start of this year which had reduced the number of parking offences.

    Richard Paxton, general manager, said: ‘Over the last six months we have ramped-up the patrols and management of our free car parks which has significantly improved parking at the centre.

    ‘Unfortunately, despite these concerted efforts, a small number of people are still parking in an inappropriate manner.
    ‘These people are issued with notices asking them to refrain from parking in this way again and this has resulted in a significant reduction in offences and repeat infractions.’

    Read the full article online: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3184825/Your-disability-mental-keyed-car-furious-note-left-car-parked-disabled-bay-without-blue-badge.html

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    • treborc

      I parked my car in a disabled parking bay and forgot to put up my blue badge, I was not feeling well when I got back I had been booked by the police, I went down explained and they said you will need to go to court, but we will not fight it, I did and I won.

      Now then the law states you do not need to use a blue badge when parking in private parking places like retail all you need do is report that your disabled to the stores. You cannot get a blue badge for a broken leg, but you still have a disability which would mean you can park in these parking bays unless they are run by the council.

      The law states you cannot tow away or clamp a vehicle which is parked in a blue badge parting area within a retail or on private parking sites off the main high way or bye way unless the store has placed it’s parking regulation plainly , just putting only blue badge users does not meet the requirements .

      keying a vehicle the person should be caught and jailed, what happens if the person knows the laws better then the idiot who keys cars