• Easyjet to fit planes with wheelchair accessible toilet

    It’s good to see that Easyjet are improving the accessibility of it’s aircraft’s by introducing wheelchair accessible toilets.

    All new Airbus A320 delivered after May 2016 will be featuring the wheelchair accessible lavatory. Airbus is the only aircraft manufacturer in the world to offer this inclusive option on single aisle planes.

    The airline also announced plans to retrofit its existing 76 A320s with the Space-Flex 2 lavatory. The airline said the process should be completed by 2018.

    The Space-Flex 2 lavatory allows two toilets, each of a size comparable with those existing in the A320 airplane, merge into one through a simple process of conversion.

    Reallocating the two rear toilets at the back of the plane has more than one benefit. The redesigned cabin interior allows for six extra seats without compromising in space. It also allows for an enlarged galley area accommodating up to eight half-size trolleys.

    The easyjet special assistance advisory group first discussed the Space-Flex option in the summer of 2013. “We were the ones to bring the then new concept to the attention of the group,” Reduced Mobility Rights director Roberto Castiglioni said. “By fitting fully accessible lavatories easyjet set a higher standard in access to air travel for all.”

    Read the full article online: http://www.reducedmobility.eu/20150514623/TheNews/easyjet-to-fit-planes-with-wheelchair-accessible-toilets

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    • Laura Moore

      Unless it has a hoist and a changing bed it isnt a fully accessible toilet – nice start but a long way to go to becoming fully accessible for ALL passengers!

    • Terry-Anne Bentley

      Would there be a wheelchair on board to transport passenger from seat to toilet and back?

      • Emma

        There already is on most EasyJet planes

    • Paul Horsfield

      It would be great if they allowed people to go onboard with their wheelchairs.

    • I can’t get the link to work

      • DisabledGo

        Thanks for letting us know!

        All should be working now.

    • Kevin Cross

      How exactly does the wheelchair user get from seat to toilet? As a disabled traveler, not having my chair taken from me as I board would be a better use of space. Utterly useless except for the Mile High Club, but I doubt Easyjet ever asked its disabled paying customers!