Accessibility Policy

We are committed to ensuring that DisabledGo websites are accessible to as wide an audience as possible. We strive to deliver a consistently high level of usabililty for our customers and users across all of our online platforms.

We have engaged with disabled users throughout the development of our digital platforms and continue to do so on an on-going basis, thereby ensuring that our websites continue to meet user requirements.

We have included specialised tools to enable you to customise our websites to better suit your access requirements. These include accessibility tools which can be found at the top of the page and which enable you to change the font size, colour and contrast.

Accessibility Standards Compliance

Our websites have been built to conform to Level AA of the WC3 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), complying with all Priority 1 and 2 guidelines. View the accessibility guidelines to find out more information.

Due to recent developments in web-based technologies, including the increasing use of dynamic content, we have also built the websites to WAI-ARIA standards, enabling screenreaders and similar software to identify and interpret dynamic content. For more information read the WAI-ARIA standards.

Please see for further information.


ReciteMe is a piece of software which will read aloud the content of our website. As you move your cursor over the words they are spoken aloud. For your convenience there is nothing to download, just click the button at the top of every page and the software will be activated.

Changing your browser settings

You can also control the way your internet browser displays our website within your browser itself. You can always use the zoom function to make the content on the page bigger or smaller. As well as general text resizing to make it bigger or smaller.

We are always looking to improve the services we offer and would welcome any feedback you have based on your experience of using our website. Please email (opens you mail client) or call us on 01438 842710.