Enterprise - Car Rental

East Midlands Airport, Castle Donington, Derby DE74 2SA

08712 710 711


Guide Last Updated: 26/01/2018

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Access Guide

  • The reception point is located to the left after you enter Arrivals Hall from Baggage Reclaim.

  • The reception point is approximately 12m (13yd 4in) from the Baggage Reclaim - Arrivals Hall.

  • Clear signage for the reception area/desk is visible from the entrance.

  • There is step free access to the reception point.

  • There is a clear unobstructed route to the reception point.

  • The reception counter is placed in front of a background which is patterned.

  • The lighting levels at the reception point are good.

  • The height of the reception counter is medium height (77cm - 109cm).

  • There is sufficient space to write or sign documents on the counter.

  • There is not a lowered section of the counter.

  • There is not a hearing assistance system at the reception point.

  • If the desk is not staffed there is a telephone located on the desk which can be used to phone through to the Car Rental Hut.

  • The Car Rental desks are located to the left of the Arrivals Hall after entering from Baggage Reclaim.

  • Once the car keys have been collected from the desk, exit the Arrivals Hall via the Main Entrance.

  • After exiting the Arrivals Hall, follow the path and turn left towards the Departures Check In Hall.

  • There is clear signage along the route.

  • Follow the path for about 90m.

  • There are some slight slopes in places along the path.

  • The surface of the path vary between concrete tiles and tarmac.

  • After passing the Departures - Check In Hall, follow the signage to Car Rental Collections.

  • Outside the main building is the bus stop which serves all car parking areas, including the Car Rental Collection area.

  • The bus stop has a shelter and all buses are wheelchair accessible with ramped access, turning space and space for chairs to be secured.

  • The bus stops have help point buttons at an accessible height and all shelters are under constant CCTV surveillance.

  • The journey takes approximately 7 minutes.

  • The Car Rental Village is at the end of Long Stay Car Park 1 and the bus will drop customers adjacent to the huts.

  • There is clear directional signage on the floor and on signposts.

  • The surface of the pathways is tarmac.

  • If needed, alternative arrangements can be made to bring vehicles to the main entrance.

  • The Enterprise Car Rental Collection Hut is located in the Car Rentals Village at the end of the Long Stay 1 Car Park. The bus service from the front of the Arrivals Hall stops at the Car Rental Village.

  • There are 2 steps in front of the entrance.

  • The steps are deep with handrails on the right side.

  • The door is single width, 100cm wide, opens away from you and is heavy.

  • The desk is located to the left after you enter.

  • The desk is 105cm high with no lowered section.

  • There is no hearing loop.

  • If required customers can be served outside the hut.